Living Unconditional Happiness


What is Living Unconditional Happiness?

Living Unconditional Happiness takes you effortlessly from where you are and guides you towards something better – something you thought was impossible – true and lasting happiness. Based loosely on a renovation, this innovative online course encourages you to experience more joy and optimism, all done through a series of playful and thought provoking videos. Living Unconditional Happiness delivers something that matters – your happiness.


How it works:

Thank you for considering enrolling in this course and recognizing that your happiness is important. Living Unconditional Happiness is stress-free. Try Level 1 for free and if for any reason you are not inspired to continue, you can simply unsubscribe and take up where you left off, at a later date. Easy.

All you need to get started is to fill in your contact details, including credit card information. On the first day of each month you’ll receive an email giving you a link to the next level.  $75/month for Levels 2 – 6 will be billed to your credit card. Total amount $375 taxes in.

Each month you’ll receive an image/screen with boxes on it covering many of the elements contributing or detracting from your sense of wellbeing. You can watch them in whatever order or not. Simply clicking on a box will bring up a 3-minute video covering that particular topic. Complimentary course notes are also included, along with fun practical exercises, all designed to help you develop a happiness practice all your own.


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